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My Inductor Calculator

REVISED, July 2003:   Now to 45 Awg and with most 1/2 Awg Sizes.
Inductance: mH.
Wire Gauge: AWG.
Coil Inside Diameter: Inches
Coil Length: Inches

1) Numerous Manufacturers make wire in 1/2 gauges. I entered those gauges I found.
2) I have taken reasonable care in producing this calculator,
     but I shall assume "NO LIABILITY" for the use of this calculator.
3) Due to Manufactures Tolerances, errors can also occur.
4) All values entered in this program are one manufacturers averages.
5) You can easily save this to your computer, if you wish. Go to "File", than "Save As".
I believe this program to be accurate, but use it at your own risk! 

I do not assume any liabilities from its use.

  All finished coils should be tested with an inductance meter for accuracy.

If anyone finds any significant errors, please notify me and I will attempt to correct them!

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