LED Resistor Calculator

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This LED Resistor Calculator may also be used to calculate series resistors that are required for Zeners Diodes or a Standard Diode that is being Foreward biased and used like a Zener.

This calculator should determine the necessary resistor and wattage values for you.

If more than one LED or diode is used in a series string,  Add up all the "Foreward Voltages Drops" and enter this "Total Voltage".

D1 D2 D3

| /| | /| | /| Resistor Supply

___|/ |_____|/ |______|/ |______/\ /\ /\ /\ _______

V- |\ | |\ | |\ | \/ \/ \/ \/ V+

| \| | \| | \|



Enter Supply voltage Volts     [2-160 V]
Enter Diodes forward voltage Volts     [.5-159 V]
Enter Diodes rated current ma.       [2-50 ma]
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Calculated resistance value Ohms
Next standard 5% resistor * Ohms
Resistor color markings
Power dissipated in LED('s) mw (if the exact calculated resistance value is used)
Power dissipated in resistor mw (Note: Your resistor wattage must exceed this value)

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