A Metric Wind Chill Calculator

Wind Chill is a measurement of the cooling effect that wind has on the human body. As wind speed increases, it also increases the rate at which a body loses heat, so the air on a windy day feels cooler than the true measured temperature with a thermometer. This heat loss can be calculated for various combinations of wind speed and air temperature and then converted to a wind chill equivalent temperature, called a wind chill factor.

This one Works Correctly,Compared to the National Weather Service Chart!

The revised Algrabraic Formula created on Nov. 1 2001 is:
WindChill in F = ((((.6215)*(temp))+(35.74))-(35.75)*(Math.pow (wind,0.16))+((.4275)*(temp))*(Math.pow(wind,0.16)));

This is Posted at: " http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/windchill/index.shtml "

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