"Mascot Gold Mine", Tour and Pictures

I Took this Tour and was Quite Impressed!

Tour lasts 3 to 4 hours.

This Tour Includes a 30 minute Bus Ride to the top of the Mountain. From there you walk down about 600+ Stairs to the mine and look at the various displays. Than back up the 600+ Stairs to the bus and a drive back down.

Children Under 10, Not Allowed

Very Spectular and Beautiful Scenery, but 600+ Steps to Climb Down and UP.

Elevation of Hedley is about 525 Meters above sea level.

Elevation at the Top of the Stairs is 1580 Meters above Sea Level.

Highest Elevation on the trip is 1680 Meters above Sea Level.

Elevation where the Bus stops is 1625 Meters above Sea Level.

Elevation of the Main Deck of the Mine is 1480 Meters above Sea Level, 955 Meters above the Town of Hedley. LOTS OF GREAT VIEWS.

Some Pictures Here, Possibly more coming.

The Mascot Mine Web Site.

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