"Mentors of My Past"

Mentors of My Past.


Origionally Created: May 2015.

I would like to Pay Tribute to these Teachers, "Now Long Gone".

Mr. Harrold Kost. taught Science and Math in "McPherson Park Junior High School".
Mr. Kost was Exceptionally good teacher in both these subjects, as well as being a good Chemist. Before coming to Canada, He fought in the German Army in WW2 and after the war his town in Germany was totally distroyed, along with his Records as being a Teacher in Germany.
So when he came to Canada to be a School Teacher, he was required to go back to school to prove he was a Teacher.

Back than, I had a Huge interest in Chemistry and he was extremely helpful to me, Both when in school and allowing me to phone him at his home.

One Day, Numerous Years after I finished school, he phone me and asked if I would like these School books before he died. I was Very Impressed that he wanted me to have these books and I still have them today.

Mr Roy Hazelton. taught an Electricity Course at "McPherson Park Junior High School". He was Very Instrumental in me learning Electronics in Grades 7, 8 & 9. Back than Transistors were Quite New, and this School course was just Basic Electricity. But Mr Hazelton went out of his way to introduce us to the Electronic Parts that were available back than.

Because of My Extreme Interest, he also gave me his Phone Number, for additional Help at home. Unfortunately due to Relationship problem at his home, Roy Commited Sucide a few years later. This made me VERY SAD at the time.

Mr Laustrup. taught Metal Work at "McPherson Park Junior High School". I was in this Course in Grades 7, 8 ,9 & 10. I was not so close to him as with Kost and Hazelton, But he was a Good Teacher and gave me some Special Skills in metal work. He also worked together with Mr Hazelton to make some Useful Projects. A "Electric Soldering Iron" and a "Hot Dog Cooker". Both were Good Useful Projects.

Mr. Martin Mallado. Taught Metal Work in Grades 10 & 11 in "Burnaby South High School". I Spent Very Little time in his Class, as he learned about my Electronic skills. Mostly I fixed some of his Guitar Equipment and other things at his home. But I still got a "GOOD MARK in Metal Work".

Additionally I would like to mention a "Mr. G. Heyworth".. He was a Pharamist at a Drug Store, back in the 1950's and Early 60's I Believe: "Jubilee Drugstore".

Back than there were No Prescripton Drugs like today. It was Chemicals that they Mixed together for various Ailments. But as Prescription Drugs became available, he gave me all their Old Chemicals. Also a 2000+ Page Book. Remington's "The Practice of Pharmacy" Sixth Edition. A Wealth of Information on Chemicals and Equipment of the day. Much of which is still valid today. At 14 Y/O, I had Quite the Labratory in my basement. I No Longer have most of those Chemicals, But I still have all the Chemical Glassware and Equipment.