Revised: Nov 18 2003

"Please Enjoy the articles presented here on this site"

Purpose and Intent

I have spent most of my life involved in Chemistry and Electronics and I have enjoyed it very much.

I am hoping to pass on some of my knowledge and useful projects to those people that might be interested. All the projects here are free and there are No Ads, Pop-Ups or Paid links

**I do however have some equipment and parts for sale. Its Just my "Garage sale" to clear out some excess stuff I have.

I offer Circuit boards for some of the projects to help those persons not able to make there own. And I believe at a fair price. Sometimes I have reject boards that are Defective, But Repairable. And I give these boards Away for Free to those who order a board.

Eg. About 30 people so far have recieved an extra Metal Detector board and from the feedback I recieved, it was greatly appreciated by them all!

Free Help

Besides Questions on my Projects, I have had lots of enquires for help on stuff Not related to my Projects. I'm sure I am averaging better than 50% in Solving these problems.


Feel Free to enquire about anything!

I am very informal and prefer just "Hi Gary" on the e-mail. Please also put in an Appropriate "Subject"

I also enjoy knowing where you live! Just City and Country is OK?

If an E-mail looks like "JUNK MAIL", Its gets trashed without being opened!

Feel Free to request a project that you might like to see. If I feel there is a demand for it, I'll do my best to come up with it.

Also feel free to promote my site by telling your friends about it!

Take Care......Gary