An Important Thing to Consider when
choosing to eat certain types of food.

Created Feb 14 2004
Quite often our bodies don't absorb the nutrients contained in certain foods. The main reason being our stomach can't break it down properly. This occurs quite often in some people but a few others have no problem. Everyone is different to some extent, but each individual can easily determine if they have this problem. It really noticable with "Corn" if you dare to look. Some Particularly troublesome foods are: Corn and Whole Grains. Corn is far easier to digest if instead of Niblet, you use Creamed corns. Or Really Chew the niblets Well! Whole Grains Particularly in breads are troublesome. Its not that it contains the whole grain, its that the whole gain is left intact. If the manufacturers would finely grind the grains, they would digest more easy. But a lot are left as the whole grain, totally intact in there hard shells. And most people don't really chew breads well enough to totally break the grains up into the tiny pieces that are required for our stomach to break down these foods. People that buy Whole grain Breads may not actually absorb anymore than if they bought regular white bread. Other Foods Like the Skins on tomatoes and Red Peppers, Rarely get digested. But the actual nutrion in these is minimal anyway. Food Testing: Is done by totally pulverizing the particular product and mixing it with water. This allows for a small sample to be taken that contains all the various particals of food. Sort of digested like your chewing should do. And now its easy to be tested for all the nutrient contents. This is something to think about. Eating for pleasure only is fun but not really productive. And at the price of food today, its best to get what you paid for.


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