Free PARTS, except for Shipping Cost


CREATED: April 11, 2010 Latest Update: May 13, 2012

UHF Antenna

NEW, One Only in the Origional Box.
Sorry, Not sure of its Exact Application.

Electrolytic Capacitors

NEW, Bags of 200, 2.2uF Radial Capacitors at 50 VDC.
Limit of 1 bag to a person.

NOTE: These are Still Available, But with RISING POSTAL RATES, it is Not as good of a deal as it once was.

I have Thousands of other parts, that I will need to give away
"at some point in time".

But for now, If your Interested in Any of the Above, Email me.
Also Tell me Where you live so I can determine the shipping cost.
Be AWARE, Payment to me for this Shipping cost is Actual Money, Mailed to me.

I Don't just make up a Phony shipping cost!
What it costs me is what it will cost you.

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