"Power Transistors" For Sale

Power Transistors for sale


Revised in Sept, 2012

Prices available on request, unless noted, Plus Shipping Charges!

Part # Manufacturer Quantity Description Price: US Dollars

2SD401A NEC SOLD OUT High voltage Power Transistors $1.00 each

TO-220 Pkg. This is the "K" 10 or more @ $0.50 Each

Series, High Frequency Version.

2N1041 Motorola 2 TO-5 Pkg

2N1304 MST 1 TO-5 Pkg

2N1549 STC 2 TO-3 Pkg

2N1552 LTE 3 TO-3 Pkg

2N1554 Motorola and LTE 3 TO-3 Pkg

2N1613 TI 1 TO-5 Pkg

2N1711 Motorola 3 TO-5 Pkg

2N1742 Sprague 19 TO-5 Pkg

2N1998 MST 5 TO-5 Pkg

2N2042 LTE 5 TO-5 Pkg

2N2075 Motorola 3 Stud mount TO-3 Pkg

2N2080 Motorola 1 Stud mount TO-3 Pkg

2N2081 Motorola 2 Stud Mount TO-3 Pkg

2N2219 TI 1 TO-5 Pkg

2N5679 Fairchild 12 TO-5 Pkg

2N5681 Fairchild 11 TO-5 Pkg

2N6246 1 TO-3 Pkg