Parts For Sale, "Trigger Coils"

Isolated 6KV Trigger Coils for sale


As of June 5, 2011

Unit Pricing is $2.00 Ea in US funds, plus Shipping Cost.
In Quantities of 4 or more, @ $1.80 Ea, Plus Shipping Cost.

Manufactured by: "Eubon products Company Ltd".

This is a 4 Lead, ISOLATED Primary to Secondary, Trigger Coil.

Manufacturers Ratings:

1) Transient Input: 200 Volts = Induced output of Over 8KV. (N0 Load)

2) No Corona or Sparking When 12KV, P-P is introduced at the Secodary Winding.

3) Primary = 28AWG (.31mm dia.) 30.5 Turns.
My NOTE: This is wound on a single layer over secondary.

Secondary = 40 AWG (.07mm dia.) 870 Turns.
My NOTE: This is wound in a split, 3 section bobbin.

4)This coil is Well Vacuum Impreganated with a High Grade Wax
and a Good Insulation tape between Primary and Secondary Windings.

5) Trigger Capacitor = .047.

My Rating is a Nominal: 6KV
These work well with my Electrostatic Filter.
And with Most Xenon Flash Tubes.