"TUBES For Sale"


As of Oct 2002


These Tubes are RARE and not CHEAP! But I am negotable on the price, within reason.

Postage is Extra and depends on type of shipment method! But Usually about $5.00

# 80 Rectifier Tube. New in box. Quantity 1, Made by General Electric. $25.00 US Funds (Svetlana #80 seem to be selling for around $22.00 each)

# 80 Rectifier Tube New in Box. Quantity 1, Made by Westinghouse. $25.00 US Funds (Svetlana #80 seem to be selling for around $22.00 each)

# KT88 6550 Power Amplifier New in box, Quantity 2, Made by Sylvania, Labeled "Made in the UK". Prefer to sell these as a set of 2. I believe $65.00 for the Pair is fair! (Doing some searching for prices I found wide variations, with Russian made tubes listed around $22.50 each and US made Tubes at $49.00 each or even more and None of these were matched types) **As an additional note: Unless a tube is "Burned in" for a reasonable number of hours, usually about 100 hours, any matching that is done is not revelant as with aging the tubes characteristics change considerably. These places that match tubes for $1.00 extra, DON'T do any Burn in process!

# 604 Power Rectifier New in Box, Quantity 1, Made by Westinghouse. $70,00 US Funds (Checking out prices on this tube I only found one listing for it, and it was $133.80 in US Funds. And they were out of stock!)

Newer type Tubes, also Available

These tubes are New and in there origional boxes. Prices Vary, but are reasonable. (Although some of the boxes are a little beat up)

5AN8 Westinghouse Continental 1 Quantity

6AB5 (6N5) RCA 1 Quantity

6AM8A RCA 1 Quantity

6AX8 Sylvania 1 Quantity

6BH8 RTT 1 Quantity

6CB6A (6676) RCA 2 Quantity

6CL6 Westinghouse 1 Quantity

6KM8 Westinghouse 1 Quantity

12AU7A RCA 1 Quantity

Also Available, lots of Good but Used Tubes

If interested in a particular used tube,

Please give me the tube number, in a reply

by "E-mail" or "Phone"