The Cameras I have used.

Posted here: By Requests of a few persons.

All Pictures Prior to 2010 were taken with a HP, M407 This was a 4.1 MP with 3 times Optical Zoom.

Pictures taken in 2010 by me were taken with a Cannon, SX120. This is a 10.0 MP with 10 Times Optical Zoom.

In in the Caribbean (2011) the Pictures taken by me were on a Cannon, SX130 This is a 12.1 MP, and Claims to be 12 Times Optical Zoom. HOWEVER, Due to a Different Size Lense, The Actual Zoom is the Same as the SX120. After Contacting Cannon, This was Confirmed by them. "And I told them I was Disappointed in False Claims like this"!

Almost all Pictures taken by Jean in the Caribbean (2011) were taken with her Cannon SX120.

I Consider Both the Cannon, SX120 and SX130 to be Very Good Cameras. And Both these cameras have "AUTO MACRO". Just Go Close to the Subject and take the Picture. (Not required to change to Macro for Close-ups.)

NOTE ALSO: The SX 120 Takes Videos in "AVI" Format. The SX130 Takes Videos in a "MOV" Format. HOWEVER, these MOV Format Videos are Only Viewable in the Supplied Cannon Software. But this Software Will allow you to convert it to AVI Format.

Had I Known about that "MOV" Format and the 12X Zoom CRAP, I Probably would NOT have bought that SX130 Camera.

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