Revised: july 2004

"Just My Opinions, For whatever their worth"

Some people tell me I'm an opinionated person. Think about this statement.
They are also opinionated to tell me this!

You may or may not agree with my opinions below, that is your right!
Here are some my opinions, some based on my lifes experiences
and others on documented facts.

Recently I recieved a large sum of money. For Personal reasons I don't want it in the bank, So I preceeded to ask to get it out. This was a "CIBC" Bank in British Columbia. Well let me tell you what Crap. First they told me they had to put a 5 day hold on the Bank Draft that deposited the money. (Bank Drafts are GUARANTEED, CERTIFIED FUNDS) But OK, I let them do that. At the same time I was told they would order the money. The Day Before the money was to arrive for me to pick it up, I get a Phone call. Sorry Sir, the money hasn't been ordered yet and "Our Manager" wishes to talk to you. Manager on the Phone. We didn't order the money because I was away on Holidays and Money orders require my approvial. Besides I have Never heard of anyone wanting that kind of Cash! Me, Well you have now. Manager, It will take us two to three weeks, maybe longer to get it. Me, Why? Manager, Well its a lot of money and were just a Small Bank. Me, So what is your problem, An armored car delivers to your bank once every week. Manager, But sir its a lot of money and it takes time. Me, I make A few more Comments and I HANG UP and Phone CIBC Main Office. Result, No Real Satisfaction or exact date of recieving money. Point of this, If you Think that banks work for you, THINK AGAIN! PARTICULARLY FOR "CIBC" IN CANADA.


1) A wise teacher once told me that the purpose of schools is to Teach you "How to learn". It's impossible for them to teach you everything you need to know in real life. And you WILL continue to learn, All your life.

2) This same teacher also said if you don't have a University education to get the best job of your choice, you should start your own business and be the Boss! Interestingly Enough, When I lost a 19 year job because the company closed, "I did this and it worked for me"!

3) It isn't really important what Formal Education you get given to you. They teach all kinds of stuff you will never need or remember. A basic knowledge is important, but to really excel in the field of your choice requires a definate interest and dedication to that field, above and beyond the normal education. See "story 1" below! And if you want to be happy, money shouldn't be the first consideration of your lifes work. Money is nice, but it doesn't buy Health or Happiness!

4)Instead of the basics, (Reading, Writing and Arithmitic) the schools of today (in North America) seem so determined to teach students how to use computers and calculators. When the power goes off these persons can no longer function.

5) How can a certain "un-named" country that has so many nuclear weapons dictate to other countries that they are not allowed to have them?

6) How can this same un-named country that says they "believe in freedom", dictate against life styles other than there own. Or trade good on there terms, or else. Or kiss the ground they walk on, or else.

7) If anyone believes they can stop terrorism, they are dreaming. No one has any idea of what goes on in other peoples minds and ultimately no control of these unknown individuals either.

And probably one of the biggest threats today is persons creating computer virus's. Although it usually doesn't physically hurt anyone, it has the ability to do so and definately, it sure hurts millions of people, mentally and financially.

8) The biggest pollution problem in this world is People! Over 6 Billion now. And at some point it will be impossible to feed everyone, no matter how good technology gets. Our resources are definately dwindling.

9) If you really consider how much Oil and Natural Gas is being consumed each day, as well as how many million of years it take to create those natural products. "Tell me we aren't going to run out REAL SOON".

10) Considering the above statement, Why are we wasting oil to produce Plastic containers for milk and food products? A lot of these products were previously from wood fibers, which was a renewable resource, or glass containers which can be just washed and reused. Used oil is sometimes recycleable, but Isn't Renewable!

11) Most wood fibre products come from trees that have been specifically grown for this purpose and is forever re-newable!

12) Recycling does very little to actually save the enviroment. A good portion of the recycled plastic is used to make garbage bags, which we throw in the Dump!

13)Additionally, if it does help to recycle certain items, make it manditory by putting "Large Return Deposits" on all Plastic bottles and glass jars. A "$0.02" or "$0.05" deposit for a pop can means Nothing to most people. Make it "$0.50" and they will definately return it!

14) What Really needs to change is: The number of Throw Away items. Cleaning Products like "Swiffer" fill our land fills with needless garbage. TV's and most electronic equipment are no longer repairable. Today, as soon as these items go faulty they get dumped in the garbage and you buy a new one. A Vast Majority of Manufactures are making only Throw Away Items. This will distroy our world and ultimately us, just for the profit of big corporations. This Must Stop or we will be living in all this trash.

Even Today, LandFills are a Huge Problem. What will they be tomorrow?

15) Lately, "TV Ads" are becoming more "vague" and very "misleading". As Examples, How many times have you seen:

"Up to 30% brighter teeth". Brighter than What? DIRT! OR Our soap cleans 20% cleaner than other leading brands. Where, In Tiawan? Without real info it doesn't mean anything. And if it were Really True, they would tell you all the related info!


16) "Anti-Bacterial Soaps" and other related household cleaners: Can be an Extreme health hazzard to many persons. Not only do they distroy bad bacteria but they also distroy the various good bacterias that keep us healthy. If your body rarely never gets exposed to bacteria, it can't build up a defence against them. At some point in time you will get exposed to something and wind up getting considerably more sick than normal. Additionally these products are shown to be related to the increasing alergy problems in children and young adults.

Story 1. A few years ago a lady friend of mine had cancer. She also had really bad teeth. Before they could treat her with kemotherapy, they needed to remove them all to avoid probable infections. Later, after the cancer was under control, a Doctor who was also a Teacher at the University of British Columbia was to replace the teeth with dentures. He spent a lot of time taking precise measurements, all kinds of Mathmatical calculations, obtaining picture of her teeth, from when she was younger and taking "Extreme Care" to make these dentures look perfect. Two Months later the teeth were complete and they put them in her mouth. I admit they looked beautiful, but Unfortunately the lady couldn't eat with them. They hurt her mouth so much, and this so-called Expert couldn't fix them! A year late, still no practical teeth, we found another denturist. He took a look in her mouth and took two impressions. The very next day he gave her a set of dentures that looked good, but more important they were comfortable and very useable. The real problem is: this Doctor is a teacher, teaching other to do what he does! Too much Theory, not enough practical.
Story 2. My Dentist also takes in dental students for some much needed practical experience! One of his biggest complaint was: how they were taught how to take x-rays. "Measure this angle, measure that angle" For the most part, A total waste of time. He Says: "Point the machine at the tooth and take a picture", So Simple!
Story 3. Here in British Columbia we have "Building Codes". One of these codes gives very specific instructions on "Vapor Barriers" required in homes. In theory these barriers can be useful in preventing moisture getting into walls and reducing heat loss in certain areas, they also trap condensed moisture from escaping. This can cause problems in areas where high humidity is normal. The wood gets wet and never dries out causing rot. Vapor barriers do reduce Drafts, but that little bennifet if the house rots out beyond repair. These engineers don't consider all the facts for a given climatic area.
Hope you enjoyed this, Take Care......Gary