741 Op Amp.

Created: "Mar 24, 2014"

Just for Curosity I decided to try to take a Picture of a 741 Operational Amplifier. This one is an Older Style 741's in a TO-5, Steel cased Package.

The Outside Diameter of the Case is .33 of an Inch. The 741 Die is Square and Measures just .055 x .055 inch. (1.40mm x 1.40mm).

I have a VERY SMALL Jewellers Hack Saw, so cutting the off the top of this IC was fairly easy. (21 Teeth per Cm or 53 teeth per Inch.)

These Pictures were taken with my "Canon", "SX130" Camera.

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The Tiny Hack Saw Blade.

The 741 Integrated Circuit.

The Best Picture I can get on a 747 (A dual 741 Op Amp.)

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