LM386, Audio Amplifier

Created "Feb 16 2014"

This is a Very Basic "Integrated Circuit Amplifier". I added this Circuit because it can be a very useful & Small amplifier for various applications.

It can be used for either Driving Speakers or Headphones. The Supply Voltage can be a 6, 9 or 12 Volt battery. And because of its Relatively Low Current consumption, it is quite suitable for use with a 9 Volt battery.

The Gain of this Amplifier can be set between 20 to 200 times. Although in Most Situations Just a "Gain of 20" is Good Enough.

The 100 to 220 Ohm Resistor as Shown with "Headphone Use" in the Schematic Below, Reduces POWER to the Headset preventing Damage, But it also "Reduces Background Noise".

The PCB and Parts are Available from me, If Needed

"The Schematic, showing Various Options."

"The PCB."

"Picture Overlay of Assembled PCB, with a Gain of 20."

"Total Picture Overlay of Working Amplifier."
The 10K Volume Control on the Input is quite important.
Also Note the Zero Ohm Resistor on the PCB, But a Wire Jumper is Totally Acceptable.


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