A Nominal 10 Watt Power Amplifier

Created "May 25, 2005"
Revised "August 29, 2015" (PCB Added.)

A Very Simple 12.5 Watt RMS Power Amplifier, into an 8 ohm load
and with the op-amp driver.
This was the Maximum output before Clipping on the Oscilloscope, using an
8 Ohm Resistive load.
Idle Current at zero Volume was aproximately 10 mA.
Current Draw at Full power of 12.5 watts was about 525 mA.

I Used a TL081, but Most other Dual Supply op-amps could be used.

Supply Voltages and Output Power is Limited by the Op-amp.

If you use an Op-Amp with a Greater +/- Supply Voltage, and you also use a suitable power supply for it, You will Increase the output Power. For Example: I ran the supply voltage up to +/- 22 volts and the Output Power, Increased to 25.2 Watts. Also, the Supply Current at full power was now 800 mA. However, This REALLY Exceeds the Recommended Supply Voltages for this IC and it wouldn't last very long before burning out.

Another Power amp, also quite simple and using all Transistors.

This one can operate with +/- 30 volt supply, Rated at 2 Amps. It will than put out about 35 watts into an 8 ohm load.

NOTE: All Output Transistors Require SUITABLE SIZE HEAT SINKS, PLUS Ventulation for Good Cooling.

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  Amplifier Schematic, with TL081 driver Amp.

  The PCB for this TL081 Amp.

  Parts Overlay for the TL081 PCB.

  Amplifier Schematic, Transistor Driver.

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