A HV Arc Circuit

Created "June 5 2007"

A Very Low Current, High Voltage Spark, that is "Manually Triggered".   

Although its not easily Measured, the Peak Ouput voltage will be over 5,000 Volts.

T1 is a small audio transformer and it steps up the voltage to about 500 Volts at Point "X" on the schematic.

The main power limitation to this device is T2.
It can be a Standard Trigger Coil, like those used on Strobe Kits, or a Custom made Trigger Coil.

For A Custom coil, You can wind one Simular to those in my Stun Gun Write-ups.

Which-Ever Coil you use for T2, If you try for Too long of an Arc, It will Arc Internally, Permanently Shorting itself Out.

So Start with a Small Arc and Slowly Increase it to try and find the Maximum Distance.
Than Reduce it Slightly to give a small Safety Margin.

Although this is Low Powered Device, I suggest you Avoid Shocking yourself or Anyone Else with this device.

Shocking people is Stupid, Not Funny at all.
And it can be Very Dangerous.

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The Schematic.

The PCB Design
Coming Soon

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