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Created: "Oct 6, 2010"
Latest Update: "Oct 7,2020"

I have recieved MANY Requests about This, SO
here is the method I use for creating Boxes to put my Project in.

It uses Sheet "ABS" Plastic Material.

Sheet ABS is available in Various Thicknesses, From Very Thin (about 0.01") and up to 1/4 Inch Thick.
ABS normally comes in "4 by 8 foot" Sheets and It is Fairly Expensive,
but a 4 x 8 sheet will make a Lot of smaller Boxes.

Typically I Use either .08", .1" or .125" Thickness for my Boxes.
Some Plastic Forming Companies, May sell you Smaller Pieces or Give you some FREE Scraps!

Sheet ABS is Mostly Commonly available in Black and White.
I Prefer White, As it allows me to More Easily make GOOD DECALS for the Boxes.
(As you will see in a Final Picture of this Project.)

The Box Below is .125" thickness.

MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone) will Melt this plastic and Bond it together.
(Acetone Will Also Work, BUT NOT AS GOOD.)
** And I DON'T Recommend using Acetone! **

See the Various Stages Below, to Create a Simple Box.
But What you Can Really Create is only as good as your Skills and Imagination.

NOTE: ABS Can be cut on a Table Saw, BUT BE CAREFUL!
Some ABS is Brittle and can Catch the Saw Blade and Fly Apart with GREAT FORCE.
And you should also use Special "Plastic Cutting Blades" for this!
But I DON'T RECOMMEND Cutting ABS on a Table Saw!

A GLUE can be made by Taking Saw Cuttings or Small Pieces of ABS and putting them in a container with a bit of MEK. Stir this occassionally as the ABS Dissolves, so you get a Smooth Paste. This can be used to Fill Cracks or to reinforce a join.

There are More things that can be accomplished with this Box making process, but just Too Many of these to mention at this time.

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  Methyl Ethyl Keytone. (MEK)

  Score ABS

  Bend & Break the ABS.

  Cut and Possibly Drill Holes

  Glue-1. You can apply the MEK with a little "Squeeze Bottle" or a "Syringe", like I use. "Sliding the Two pieces of Plastic against Each Other", will help to get a better Bond. Before this Hardens too much, get it into Final Gluing Position and PRESS the Two Pieces, HARD Together for about 30 Seconds.

  Glue-2. Full Harding can take a few hours or so, But this box was assembled in 30 Minutes. By the Time I Drafted up the Artwork, it was sturdy enough to put on the Decal and install the electronics.


  File Edges and Sand.

  Seal Edges with MEK.

  My Basic Finished Box. (More Holes to Drill)

  My Completed Box. I Create my Decal's in a small Cad Program and Reverse Print them on "Transparency Film". Than Spray them with "3M's Spray Mount Adhesive", let dry and than apply them to the plastic. Because they are Reverse Printed, the writing Can't rub off. This method can Give a Very Professional Look.

  Another Decal, on a Factory made Box.

  A Partial Complete Box with decal. Still Working on this project, so this case is not finished yet.

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