A Simple but Good Battery Charger

Created "Sept 8 2002"
Revised "Mar 3 2010"

Using this circuit will give Good Charging results to a Gell Cell
or SLA type Batterys as used in my Metal Detector project.

And it can be modified to accomidate higher current batterys.
It is Probably quite Suitable for up to a 10 A/H Rating

This charger is both Current and Voltage Regulated.

The Output is NOT short circuit protected, However the current limit is effective if the output is above a 2 volt potential.

It is also protected against discharging the battery, by a diode, if the input power is removed.

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 This Charger Schematic

 A PCB for a 110/220 Volt Version

 A PCB for a 110 Volt Version

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