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Created: "December 9, 2012"
Latest Update: "July 24, 2013"

These are Scanned Copies,taken from the
"Sixth Edition" of "Remington's Practice of Pharmacy",
And this book was Copyright in 1917, by "Joseph P Remington".

I have only Posted this Information Here, Because I find it Interesting and is a good Historical Reference.

This book was given to me in 1958 by the Pharmacist of a "Jublee Drug Store" in Burnaby B.C., Canada.

This is a 1,987 Page Book, Containing many interesting things. Now a Few of the pictures in it. NOTE: Because of the Really OLD Copyright date, I Presume I Do not need Permission to post this. But if there are "LEGAL OBJECTIONS", I Will Remove it.

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  Potassium Nitrate.

  Potassium Carbonate.

  Potassium Chlorate.

  Potassium Citrate.

  Sodium Chloride.

  Sodium Chloride Solution.

  Sodium Nitrite.

  Sodium Cyanide.

Potassium Nitrate

Most of the Pictures in this book are Line Drawings. The ones I "first" choose to post, I believe are Actual Pictures.


  Percolation Equipment.

  Pill Making Machine.

Pill Finisher

  Ferric Chloride.

  Uraninum Nitrate.

  Tobacco Cutter.

  Alcohol Stoves.

MORE Added, July 2013:

  Chromium Trioxide.


The Information in this Article is "NOT Copyright by me".