My H-Bridge Circuit

Created: "May 7 2005"
Revised "May 9 2005"

This is a Functional Circuit for a H-Bridge.

I have added Protection against having Both inputs High. In All the Circuits I have seen, This Causes the Circuit to Draw Very High Currents. Essentially a "Total Short Circuit on the DC Supply".

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Click here for the "Schematic" Note: CX is not mounted on the PCB.

Click here for the "PCB" Due to Space Limitations, I decide not to put "CX" Filter Capacitor on the board. However an Axial type capacitor could be placed across on the Copper side, if Necessary.

Click here for a Picture of it In this Picture I show 2 Different Possible Heatsink on two Mosfets and 2 Mosfets Without Heatsinks. What you need for the power you want is your Choice.

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