My Analysis of the Hydrostar Generator

Preliminary: "Oct 31 2004"
Latest Revision: "May 10 2008"

As a result of my Curosity,
Here is some info based on actual test results.

I Make No Claims as to How Much Hydrogen Can be Generated using this device. But It Definately Doesn't perform well. Simple "DC Electrolysis" Does MUCH BETTER.

I "Did NOT" Test the Toroid Coil to see if it really does as Claimed with the "Ortho" and "Para" Hydrogen. However for anyone interested in trying this for Any type of Hydrogen Generator, I have designed a Stand Alone Circuit that can be used with any hydrogen generator. It does the same as the hydrostar circuit and is a much simpler design.

CLICK HERE: "My Torroid Drive Circuit.",
The PCB and Parts for this are Available from me.

"My Revised Hydrostar Schematic is NOW REMOVE from here."
It Did Produce some Interesting Waveforms when I prototyped it, But it Still does very little to produce Hydogen.

"Don't waste your time & Money on the Hydrostar."
"Even Simple DC Electrolysis works better."
"The Actual Cell design is also Crap."
"LASTLY, This Hydrostar has been made by Many Persons that I have talked with and None have had any success with it either.

"Just for your info, Here is An Actual Waveform at Pin 3 of the 555 on the Hydrostar"

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Now Consider This:

When a motor is Runnng on Gasoline, that Vaporized Gasoline Requires the addition of about 32 parts of air "As the Gasoline has no Oxygen of its own". ** "This is Not True for the Hydrogen/Oxygen" being generated from the Electrolysis of water. Maybe a bit of extra air to help cool this hotter form of combustion.

In Addition, If you intend to run a car or Motor on Hydrogen Generated from Electrolysis, Any power from the batteries Must be replaced by an Alternator or Generator or this would not be self-sustaining. And All Current Generated by the charging system takes Considerable Power from the motor. At 100% Efficiency, which doesn't exist in any power generation system, It takes one Horse Power to generate 746 Watts.

My Vehicle runs on Propane. It is a one Ton Truck with a lot of weight and gets about 3.2 Kilometer per liter of "Liquid Propane". This is with a 2.92 liter engine.

*** FACT: "One Liter" of Liquid Propane produces a Volume of 270 Liters of Propane Gas. Propane Gas Mixes best with Air in a Ratio of 9.5% Propane to 90.5% Air for Good Combustion. So a Volume of 270 liters of propane make a Volume of Propane "Gas and Air" Equil to 2,842 Cubic Feet Of Fuel Entering the Cylinders.


If I am driving my vehicle at 60 KPH (ONE Kilometer Per Minute and an Engine Speed of 3,000 RPM) and I get 3.2 Km per liter of Liquid Propane, That EQUILS 888.15 LITERS of this Propane/Air Mixture PER MINUTE!

Even though Hydrogen is about 2 times More Powerful than propane and the Volume would not be as much, it is still a Very large volume and I doubt it is practical or possible to get any advantage.

Trying to generate that volume of Hydrogen and Oxygen with Electrolysis would be EXTREMELY Difficult and would require a VERY Large generator and HUGE amounts of Electrical Power.

Experiment And Enjoy.

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