"A Mark/Space Generator Circuit"

Preliminary: "August 20 2007"
Latest Update: "April, 2012"

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This Circuit is not an origional design of mine. Although this was not an origional idea of the "D14 article" either. I have seen Previous designs of this before, even in Old Tube Designs.

However, Due to numerous requests I designed a PCB for it, and in the process I also made a few minor changes,

1) Because 3 Position switches are not very common,    I incorporated Centre Off, Spdt Toggle Switches. 2) Added some high frequency filtering capacitors to the supply. 3) A higher power mosfet for the output. 4) An Optional bypass diode across the output.

Click Here for My Revised Schematic and PCB.

Click Here to see a Picture Overlay. Although I used Trimpots for this Proto, Most Likely Standard Pots would be used on a final unit.

I Do NOT Supply Any Parts for this Project.

Experiment, Have Fun And Enjoy.

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