Note: Most gold is an alloy,
with who knows what other combinations of metals.

10 K gold is only 41.66% Actual Gold Content.
14 K Gold is 59.33% Actual Gold Content
18 K Gold is 75% Actual Gold Content
Gold teeth can be as low as 62% Gold
Gold Nuggets are usually between 60% and 95% Gold.
Also, Most Gold Coins are also an alloy and vary considerably in gold content.

So, Due to My Curosity and Requests for more info on this subject:

I purchased a "One Troy Ounce" of "Fine Gold", 99.99% pure and I will be doing some tests on it with this detector

This bar measures 1.15" * 2.00" * .05" and is producd by "Johnson Matthey", "Assayers and Refiners". The Cost to buy this was $509.73 Canadian Funds. Resale on the same date of purchase was $490.00 Canadian Funds.

As a Quick, initial test with this Gold Bar on my detector, it preformed as follows:

On flat, (1.15" by 2.00") parallel to my 8" round coil it detects it at about 9 inches.

With the 1.15" by .05" edge parallel to my coil it detects it at 5.5 inches

With the 2.00" by .05" edge parallel to my coil it detects it at 6 inches

After making another flat wound coil with 35 turns of #21 AWG wire, 1" ID. and 4" OD., it detects the gold bar at about 11 inches on flat and 9 1/2 inches on it edge. These tests were done with the detector built with the parts as listed in the parts list. I would assume that my unit can be optomized to detect gold nuggets better than this, now that I have pure gold to use for setting it up. And I will be doing so this coming winter.

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