A Triangular and Square-Wave Oscillator

Revised "March 9, 2005"
Latest Revision December 8, 2009

A Very Simple Circuit, But Very Good Oscillator.
The Schematic and Circuit Board is Shown Below

This circuit can be used as a Building Block for Larger Projects.

I Actually Designed this for my Knight Rider Circuit, But there are Many Possible applications. And it is a Really Simple "Single Supply Circuit".

You can change the Capacitor to Smaller Values to obtain Higher Frequencies.

The Formula for this circuit is Quite Complex, So instead of Posting it, here are some Measured Results.

Examples of Frequencies: **With the Control "On the PCB", set at these Positions** CX = CW Center CCW 100 pf = 6,400 hz 12,050 hz 26,000 hz 470 pf = 1,525 hz 3,200 hz 7,232 hz .001 uf = 681 hz 1,425 hz 3,250 hz .0022 uf = 348 hz 619 hz 1,540 hz .01 uf = 69 hz 146 hz 340 hz .047 uf = 16 hz 34 hz 88 hz .1 uf = 7 hz 14 hz 34 hz These were Measured Frequencies with "Typical" Capacitors. Due to Capacitor Tolerances, Your Results Will Vary a little.

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