A Roulette Wheel

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Origional Design Created about 1976.
This Article Created for my Website in 2002.
Revised CLEARER Drawing of Schematic in "January 6 2016"

This circuit is an origional idea of mine. I built the origional unit Pictured below, in aproximately 1976 and it has been a lot of fun to use with friends. Its Paid for itself many time over, just betting pennies.

NOTE:The "Remake" PCB Artwork shown below is a "Re-Make" of the origional. The origional was drafted with "Slit Tape" and although it used less jumpers it had lots of wires going between IC Pins. Too detailed to Scan Clear Enough for a Good Copy. **I have "Never" assembled this new board, but I believe it to be Correct.

NOTE:The "Revised" Origional PCB Artwork shown below is a Copy of my origional PCB Design. **I have Now Scanned this and Revised it, one Pixel at a time in A Graphics Program. And it is Definately Correct. I Have now Posted a Picture Overlay of this Origional Board. Parts layout is Identical to the "Revised Origional, but I have Filled in some areas with Copper to save etchant.

Just for your information:

According to the "Law Of Probability"

An "Even Money Bet" ("Red / Black" or "1 to 18 / 19 to 36" or "Odd / Even")

Will Lose on average "7 times in a row after 121 Plays" And It will Lose on average "10 times in a row after 970 Plays"

***Just when you thought you had it all figured out! ****************************************************************************** Even though Roulette is 5 5/19% in favour of the house on all bets except, "a line or 5 number bet which is 7 17/19% in the houses favour",

I still think it has better odds than most of the other Casino Games. ****************************************************************************** Lots of people have come up with various systems!

But no matter what system you come up with, either the "0 or 00" or the "House Rules" will result in your Failure to win in long term gambling! ******************************************************************************


This wheel uses the full "36 numbers" plus the "0" and "00". This is the most common wheel in use today, pretty much everywhere in North America.

Some other Countries only use the Single Zero and Some use NO Zeros.

Bonus, The Spin button on my circuit allows for various speeds of spin, depending on how long you push it. This is controlled by the 2K2 resistor attached to the push button. A higher value can be used for even more control.

One thing I have found with "UJT's like the 2N4870 used here: Is sometimes there are variations from one to the next. I suggest you buy a couple and if you do have problems, try another one. Or Change some of the RESISTOR VALUES.

I have thought about using a VCO Chip to solve this, but since mine works fine I haven't done it yet. (In fact, I have built and sold about 5 of the origional units to friends. In the 1970's and 1980's, I got $200.00 for them, but that included a complete unit in a hand finished stained and varnished wooden case with the betting table in a detachable lid. Quite nice and professional looking.)

Inside my unit, I have a 6 cell "AA" Battery pack. (9 Volts) Making my unit totally portable. There is also an adapter plug allowing me to run from a AC Wall Adapter or from my Vehicles 12 Volt system. "Roulette on Wheels" Great for camping fun!

"This Origional Revised PCB is Available, upon request" The Price is $40.00 US Funds, Including the Postage Cost. Sorry, Not Cheap, but its a pretty large detailed board.

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 New, Clearer Drawing of this Roulette Schematic

 "Remake Circuit Board" This PCB May Not be Correct.

 "Parts Overlay"

 "How to Place Bets and Odds"

 "Origional Circuit Board Revised" This Circuit Board is Definately Correct.

 "Picture Overlay of Above Origional"

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