A Simple, 12 Volt Dual Strobe.

This Article was Created: "September 16, 2016"

This Circuit is a Variation of the other 555 Strobe circuit Producing an Alternating strobe effect between two Lights.

This circuit with the addition of 2 Mosfets, will provide a Very High Powered Strobe, for a variety of Portable Uses.

"The Frequency Control and On-Time Control give Reasonable Ranges of Control But changing the capacitor on Pin 2 of either 555 can give different Frequencies or On Times. Shorter On Times are Recommended for Filamant Bulbs when at Faster speeds. Longer On Time can give Super Brightness on LED's.

If Wanted, The PCB and Parts are Available from me.

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  Dual Strobe Schematic

  Dual Strobe Circuit Board."

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