12V to HV, Switching Power Supply.

Possibly Suitable to trigger "Pyro Match" devices for Rockets or Fireworks
and Probably some other applications.

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This Circuit is based on a UC3843P Integrated Circuit. I have included a Feedback control to adjust the output voltage. Presently it can be adjusted for any voltage between About 22 to 190 Volts. The Supply voltage is 12 Volts DC. The Output Current is good for quickly charging Photo-Flash type Capacitors. Input Current is Typically about 1 Amp with a Reasonable output load. It WILL Become EXCESSIVE if your Load is Too Low of a Resistance. So USE a MAXIMUM, 1 AMP FUSE for Best Protection. Excessive Current will Overheat the Mosfet and Burn the PCB. A Heatsink Could be added to Help Prevent Damage to the PCB. Typical Output Current is Aproximately 60 mA. I can supply the Circuit Board and all the parts on the PCB.

The Schematic


A Picture of this Assembled Circuit.
NOTE: the Addition of Two 1N4148 Diodes that are
positioned on the Corrected PCB.

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