"Toilet Paper (Plus More) Rip-Off"

Created in Early 2010
Latest Update: April 29, 2016.

Over the past few years, MANY companies in Canada have changed there Products Prices in an unsuspecting way.
I only Mention this One Companies product here, as I have one of each of these packages.
But it seems that all these toilet paper manufacturers as well as Many Other Product Manufacturers are all doing this.

I Don't have Exact Dates as the Packages are not Dated.
But around 2002 a roll of "Purex brand" Toilet paper contained 270 Sheets. (Weight per Roll is 110 Grams)
(These are all "Pillowy Soft", "24 Roll packages of 2 Ply tissue".)
Sheet Sizes have stayed the same.

Next it went down to 250 Sheets per roll. (Weight per Roll is 108 Grams)

About 2008 it went down to 198 Sheets per roll. (Weight per Roll is 90 Grams)

Now in 2010, it is Only 150 Sheets per roll. (Weight per Roll now is 71 Grams)
Unless you have these rolls to compare, All rolls Look about the Same Size,
But now they are Just PUFFED UP to look as big.

Update in September, 2010.
Purex has Now Reduced these rolls to "135 Sheets" per roll,
But the Weight still seems to be 71 Grams per roll.

Update January, 2012.
In the Stores here, it appears Purex now only sells the "Double" Rolls 12 Rolls with 270 sheets per roll.
Weight of these 270 Sheet Double Rolls is 135 Grams.
This saves them more money as these require only half the cores and less
Wrapping material. Probably also a saving in their Shipping costs.

Update November, 2013.
In the Stores here, these PREVIOUS Double Rolls are now Reduced to 253 sheets per roll.
And they are No Longer: "DOUBLE ROLL's". Weight of one of these 253 Sheet Rolls is 108 Grams.
So now it is even MORE COSTLY to the Consumer.

They are NOW their NEW SINGLE ROLL's!

So How long before they Reduce the number of sheets again and create a New Double Roll?

Back in April of 2010 by Telephone, I Asked this company:
"What will they do when they get to just One Sheet per Roll"?

My Problem with this is:
Since the Regular Price has basically stayed the same It Doesn't reflect on the "Cost of Living Index".
But in reality it has Now, More than Doubled in price.
This is BAD News for persons on Fixed Incomes.

And Toilet Paper is Only ONE Example of this Reduced size/Same Price.
I have noticed MANY other products doing this same DOWN SIZING thing.
Many other products are not only Down Sizing the products, but Also increasing the Price of them.

So how bad is all this Down-Sizing, really affecting the "Cost of Living Index"?

ONCE I Tried to get info from Canada, on how they determine this cost of living,
But they were not prepared to comment on this.

Update April 29, 2016.
They have Down-Sized it Again, Now Claiming that 30 Rolls Equils 50 Single Rolls.
The Previous Double Rolls had 253 Sheets per Roll. Now it is Just 220 Sheets per Double Roll.
Getting even MORE COSTLY for the Consumer.


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