"Our World Population"

"NOW, Think About This"

Created July 17, 2004
Updated Jan 13, 2014 Comments Welcome. I believe these figures and my calculations are correct. Considering the world population is now Over 6,000,000,000. And the Total Earths Area is 196,940,000 Square Miles. The Land Mass Area is 26.3%, or 51,795,220 Square Miles. dividing 51,795,220 / 6,000,000,000 = .00863253666 Sq Mi per person. Now one square mile is 5,280 * 5,280 ft or 27,878,400 square ft. 27878400 * .00863253666 = 240,661.3 Square feet per person. This Equils an area 490.57 by 490.57 feet per person. Now in January of 2012, Our world Population is Now over 7,000,000,000 Persons. And EVEN WORSE. NOTE: This Earths land area Does Not take into account Slopes on hills or Mountains, But this land mass area, Also Includes: Swamps, Deserts and other NON-USEABLE AREAS. Probably these two cancel each other out. Also Consider that this 640 * 640 feet Must Include the space to Totally Support life. Growing that persons food, Disposing of that persons waste, Supplying and Replenishing that persons Oxygen. Additionally this space must be Shared with an Equil Proportion of all the animals and insects of the worlds land masses. And Even Worse, a portion of the Worlds Industries. I think were in trouble!

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