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Assorted Parts and Equipment for sale, (Sometimes, Some for Free)

LATEST UPDATED July 15, 2017

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"All Parts Below are For Sale"

Rated at 15KV Output, and at a 30 or 60mA Current.

1.5 Inch Long x .25 inch Diameter Ferrite Rods. These are "Fair-Rite", Part Number is "4077266011".

I calculated the "AL" Value of these Rods to be 448 per 100 turns. So if you want to wind a Specific Inductance you can easily calculate the required number of turns. Using the Formula below will get you Very Close to the inductance Value you want.

EXAMPLE 1: If you want 50 uH, Divide the 50 uH by 448 and you will get 0.1116071. Now take the Square Root of this 0.1116071 and you get 0.3340764. Multiply this 0.3340764 times 100 and you get 33.4 Turns.

EXAMPLE 2: Assume you want 300 uH for a Pin Pointing coil for a PI Metal Detector. Divide the 300 uH by 448 and you will get 0.6696428. Now take the Square Root of this 0.6696428 and you get 0.818317. Multiply this 0.818317 times 100 and you get 81.8 Turns.

Excellent for "Pin-Pointer Metal Detector Coils" or "Stun Gun Transformers". Unit Cost is $0.60 USD, Plus the Shipping Cost.

Sencore LC102, Capacitor/Inductor Analyzer.

A "Shotgun" and "Unidirectional"
Microphone combination.

Various Ferrite Cores and Bobbins. Suitable for Stun Guns and Other High Frequency Transformers and Chokes.

12 Volt Buzzer, Quite Loud and Anoying.

Crystal Quartz Resonators

Capacitors, Electrolytics

Capacitors, High Voltage Types

Capacitors, Tantalums

"Diodes, Zener, Schottkey and General types"

Diodes, High Voltage types

Hall Effect Devices

Integrated Circuits, Analogue and Digital

Integrated Circuits, Opto Isolators

LED's, Bar Displays

Light Bulbs, Minature types in Various Voltages

Microphones, Pizo Crystal types

Power Mos Fets

Resistors, High Voltage types

Resistors, 1%, 1/4 WATT

Reverbs, Spring types


Transistors, Japanese, 2SB***,2SC***,2SD*** numbers

Transistors, Power and High Voltage Types

Signal and Low Power Transistors

6KV. Trigger Coils

Voltage Regulators, Low Drop Out Types

Misc, Switches, HV Wire, Slide Pots, Transformers and more for Sale

Tubes, Older types