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If you wish to talk, just Phone me, "Gary" at:   (1)-(250)-292-8180,
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Hundreds of my Good, Large Holiday "Pictures & Videos" that we took in Cuba,
Canada, Mexico, South America, Egypt, Europe, Caribbean, Australia & Easter Island.


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The Museums Site for the "Town Of Hedley"

Mascot Mine, Hedley B.C.
"Tour Info and Pictures".

"A Tribute to some of my Mentors".
Very SPECIAL PEOPLE from my past.

"Toilet Paper RIP-OFF".

"Toilet Seat,
UP or DOWN".

"Some of my Favourites".

Some Things you may not know?
NEW: "Real Time Gold Prices".

Point of View
"Some of my opinions and life experiences".

Point of View
"Our World Population".

This site is updated every week!
There are No Pop-ups on this site!
But I do Post Links to Good FREE Sites I Find, as well as list some companies I deal with.

"This Site has Many Free Projects"
I hope some of you try them, Most have been designed by me, and all, Built and Tested by me! "ENJOY"

Some Jobs Too Large, But No Jobs Too Small!
Electronic Design was my business for most of my life. I'm now retired and Electronics is mostly just my hobby!

  My Polar Bear Swim on Jan 1, 2012.



Years Ago, This was the BEST ONE,
if you NEED A DATE?
Now, Somewhat Free Personal Ads Site
Including Replies.
Most Members, Worldwide.



"CLEARING OUT:    Two Pulse Induction Metal Detectors"
These Special Offers are at over 50% Off my Regular Price.

1) A Pulse-1, Assembled and Tested Detector, which Includes the
3 Controls and an 8 inch Coil, is $60.00 US, Plus Shipping Cost.

2) I Also have a Pulse-2 in Kit form and Includes the 6 Controls
and an 8 inch coil for $60.00, Plus Shipping Cost.
NOTE:   The Shipping Cost Depends on Where you Live?

Free Electronic Circuits to Build,
And they all work!

My JavaScript Calculators
for Inductance, LED Resistors and more

   "My Parts For Sale"

and "Free Parts"

  My Electronics Forum.

You can discuss many things here,
with other electronic hobbiests.

   Need Electronic Parts?
"Lee's Electronic"
is a Source "I RECOMMEND".


Thousands of them


If they don't have them,
you can Request them.
They will try to get them
by the next day.

How To Solder Properly

Another Metal Detector Site.
               Jon's Metal Detector Site,
"But Jon's detector Project seems to be on Hold".

My Goal for this site

Adult Jokes and Stories

Adult Pick up Lines,
This link by email request only.

Some things you should consider.

"Kelvin Scale" / "C" & "F"

Some of my Previous Inventions

Historic "Town of Hedley", Some New and Old pictures

BC Keno, ..Your Actual Losses
The only real winner is the Government.

Point to Ponder.

This world is round, It has no end.
Its hard to find a faithful friend.
But when you find one good and true.
Change not the old one, For a new.
(Written by me, I believe.)

Hope you all have a "Nice Day", "Week", "Year" & "Life"!

My additional Comments

Why did KELLOGGS move all the manufacturing of their CEREAL'S to Overseas Countries?
If we are good Enough to Eat them, We should be good enough to Make Them.
Besides they Sell them at a Good Price, so they can Pay Descent Wages to manufacture them.

Want to Clean your wallet and Fill the
land fills? ----------- Buy S*iffer products!

I Remember when we had TV Antennas and Reception was Free. And with the 8 channels I recieved there were always some Good Programs on.

Now I have Satellite reception, with over 100 channels, Pay $70.00 Per month and there is Nothing worth watching.

I can't understand why people don't use money anymore? It is cheaper than using credit card or automatic withdraws. Also you will spend less when using cash.

I also find it amazing how many companys automate to eliminate employees. But they still expect people to buy from them. However, "If no one works, no one can afford to buy anything"!

Yes, "CLR" has Natural Ingredients, one being water. But what does it contain that is far from safe or natural?
An Atomic Bomb Also contains Natural Ingredients.

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